Baku: Capital of three pogroms

The Armenians in Baku have been massacred three times in the 20th century. Those pogroms were unprecedented both in their methods of implementation and by their consequences.  
The first massacres took place in winter and summer of 1905 as a result of which the Armenian community suffered heavy human as well as material losses. About 1000 Armenians fell victim to the massacres that started in consequence of provoked anti-Armenian propaganda and religious fanaticism among the local Muslims. 

The second massacres of the Armenians in Baku took place in September 1918, when Armenians appeared to be against Turkish and Azerbaijani armed forces completely unprotected. The Turkish command that handed the city over to violence, pillage and plunder implemented mass arrests and cruel murders among the Armenians. 10.000 Armenians fell victim to the violence of Turkish-Azerbaijani bands. 

The third mass massacres of the Armenian population in Baku took place in January 13-19, 1990. Hundreds of Armenians fell victim to the intolerance and xenophobia of Azerbaijani nationalists. About 200.000 Armenians leaving their property and apartments had to leave Baku and become refugees in order to save their own lives.

In consequence of the last massacres of 1990 in Baku the Armenian community of Baku that had centuries-old traditions, went out of existence.