About the project

The purpose of “baku.am” website is to present and enlighten the prosperous past and inheritance of the Armenian community of Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan.

The targets for the website are scientific organizations, achieves and in general all the people who are interested in the history of the Armenian communities and Baku. 

It is important also for the citizens of Azerbaijan, and especially for the youth. The website has fundamental information about the Armenians’ cultural and civilization contribution to the history of Baku city. For the young Azerbaijanis it will have the significance of the alternative source of information.

The restriction of the authorities of Azerbaijan on the press freedom, and the violation of human rights in general, as well as the anti- Armenian propaganda implemented on the state level  prohibits any mentioning about the role of the Armenians in the history of Azerbaijan, and particularly in the history of Baku. In this regards the website has an important mission to reveal the forgotten or forbidden pages of the history of Baku.

The website does not follow any purpose to stir up national passions; it gives an opportunity to acknowledge the past and to secure the peaceful coexistence of the two neighbor nations in future.

The website is open for the supplements, comments and suggestions.